Our people are our most valuable asset and the foundation of our success.  

Tandem Property Asset Management is an independent, real estate advisory business in property

asset management. Our Senior Partners, John Jones and Lisa Riva bring leadership, experience, drive and commitment to clients, customers and people. They previously ran the property management team at GVA for over 20 years, but since 2018 they have transformed the Tandem business, its services and people into a leading independent specialist with a growing reputation for high quality service delivery supported by in depth knowledge and experience at all levels in the team. The client base and the teams continue to grow together with properties under management. Our offices and property managers combine in depth knowledge with national expertise with a dedicated financial team to provide the highest level of expertise. We look to match the smartest people with new technology and provide a service that really is the best.

Our approach is based on traditional values of integrity, decency, consideration and care, but fully embraces current thinking and trends to set ourselves apart from the competition. We always work as a partner with our clients and customers to deliver market leading services and advice.

We generate over £5m in revenues and have expanded the team to over 50 staff. We maintain a strong ESG focus on Sustainability and Community initiatives, which demonstrate our commitment to action over words. We have always supported diversity in our teams and a flexible working approach. All of our teams are directly engaged with our clients and we encourage, support and reward the best performance to meet objectives. We look for ideas and commitment and we don’t try to measure working hours or holiday days. We love to award Golden Envelopes based on client, customer and staff feedback.

exemplary service delivered by 
smart, talented people

Tandem will attract, retain and motivate genuinely smart, talented and enthusiastic individuals with a conscience to deliver and enhance client objectives. Tandem will embrace like-minded independent ‘thinkers’ who want to succeed, challenge and question, who enjoy what they do and are good at it.