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What we do

Tandem is a leading independent property asset manager delivering consistently exemplary services.

We will always deliver business focused solutions with integrity, honesty, experience and complete professionalism.

We are an agile and committed team of dedicated property asset management specialists with the experience to deliver the highest quality service for property portfolio management at all times.

Asset Management

Commercial property services require a strategic approach to identify and take opportunities to improve net income and add capital value. We consider occupiers requirements and lease activity. We consider location and market activity. We monitor condition, services and customer engagement. We advise on compliance and ESG objectives.

Property Management

Our aim is to ensure asset performance matches the clients investment objectives. We ensure assets are protected and maintained. We focus on data management and lease events, net income and overall financial performance. We track service charges and capital investment, compliance and customer engagement. We track key property management issues and provide consistent high quality reports. We provide a response when it's needed.

Financial Management

Financial management includes accounting for all rent, service charges and other lease charges with a real focus on collection performance, arrears and debt recovery. We enhance financial reporting, track cash flow and meet lender requirements. We support tax reporting and company accounting.

Facilities Management

Facilities management provides a comprehensive FM service that delivers the management of suppliers and performance monitored services, maintenance and repairs. The FM teams regularly inspect demised areas, common parts and vacant space with a focus on full legal and statutory compliance. Customer feedback and enquiries are managed through a dedicated 24/7 Customer Service Desk.

A team of industry leaders

Tandem has a leadership style which stays ahead of current trends and sets itself apart from the competition. We encourage our teams to be open minded, innovative and creative. Our core services are based on integrity, decency, consideration and care and we believe in collaboration with our clients, customers, suppliers and communities.

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Tandem goes west to manage West 12 Shopping Centre

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