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TANDEMTalks – Energy Markets Deep Dive

Tandem and Inteb host Energy Markets Deep Dive

On Wednesday 17th January 2024 TANDEMTalks welcomed an audience from Tandem’s network to listen to commercial energy experts Inteb. Tom Kelly (Director) and Roger Bird (Head of Trading, Risk and Markets) lead us through a ‘Deep Dive’ into energy markets including a look at market performance in the last two years and the implications for property owners and investors. Drinks and canapes followed the Q&A session.

The next TANDEMTalks event will take place on Wednesday 20th March 2024 at Tandem’s London office in Marylebone where guests will enjoy a lively session asking the question: ‘Is Property Cyber Safe?’

TANDEMTalks is a series of exclusive, invitation-only events aimed at property professionals, landlords, and investors from Tandem’s network. If you would like to be considered for the guestlist, please send an email to:

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