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Tandem Strengthens it’s Fitwel capability

Congratulations to Vicky Round from our Birmingham team for becoming a Fitwel Ambassador, our second team member, alongside Debbie Herrington to gain accreditation.

Fitwel is the world’s leading certification system for buildings and communities that optimises buildings to support health. Generated by expert analysis of over 5,000 academic research studies, Fitwel is implementing a vision for a healthier future where all buildings and communities are enhanced to strengthen health and well-being.

As Fitwel ambassadors, Vicky and Debbie are certified to advise clients who are considering taking steps to improve sustainability and well-being of their properties how to design and operate healthier buildings. At Tandem we particularly focus on how to integrate these Fitwel strategies into day to day property management.

Pathways exist for both new construction / major renovation projects and for existing / recently completed projects that are occupied and in use, at single property level or a whole portfolio.

Vicky comments “People are starting to take wellness seriously and I feel this signals to employees, employers and investors that the health and wellness of individuals is of utmost importance. The operation of a building is key to achieving this goal.”

The Fitwel Standard provides tailored scorecards for existing and new buildings and sites to optimise the unique opportunities for every project.

Seven Health Impact Categories are…

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