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TANDEMTalks – Net Zero Masterclass

Wednesday 8th November 2023 saw the inaugural occasion of a scheduled series of TANDEMTalks events at Tandem’s London office in Marylebone.

Planet Mark joined us for a Net Zero Masterclass as property industry professionals from both our client base and wider network enjoyed a session lead by their CEO Steve Malkin and their Head of Engagement Amelie Trolle. We examined what Net Zero means in real terms, how to get there, and the obligations we as property professionals acting on behalf of investors and landlords all share. A lively Q&A session was followed by drinks, canapes, and networking.

Next year on 17th January the second TANDEMTalks event will be co-hosted by Inteb’s MD Tom Kelly. Inteb are sustainability and energy experts who support UK businesses to reduce carbon emissions, optimise energy costs, and meet regulatory obligations.

If you are working in the UK property industry and would like to be considered for the guest list – or to potentially be involved in hosting a TANDEMTalks event with us – please get in touch via email:

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