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Debbie Herrington - Leading Tandem's ESG

Debbie Herrington – Leading Tandem’s ESG

“Throughout my career…

in property management, I have developed a growing interest in sustainability and well-being. The built environment has a huge impact on both these areas, so property management and sustainability were a natural fit. To be asked to head up Tandem’s ESG Committee was a great opportunity and I’ve been managing the team now for over two years. Hailing from all parts of the business, we are an enthusiastic and animated group. Sustainability experience isn’t mandatory although a willingness to get involved is! We embody the mantra: ‘Action Over Words’ whenever possible and this attitude has driven our progress since we began.

“Joining the Planet Mark…

and being able to measure our carbon emissions and social value for the first time is a major achievement for us. We gained carbon neutral status last year and with the board recognising the importance of this approach, carbon reduction now sits firmly at the heart of our decision-making.

“As members of the Better Buildings Partnership…

we are developing a ‘Sustainability Toolkit’ based on the principles of the BBP’s ‘Responsible Property Management Toolkit’. Our goal is to make sure every property under our management operates a ‘Sustainability Scorecard’, maintained by the property and facilities managers to clearly display each asset’s ESG-related strengths and weaknesses. We are excited to roll this out across our portfolio adding even more value to our service delivery.

“In terms of our social impact…

we participate in a range of volunteering days across the country in conjunction with the Canal & River Trust and Thames21. This year, we are passionate about developing our volunteering relationship with Maggie’s cancer support centres. By working with amazing partners like this, we aim to augment our social value year-on-year.

With sustainability now occupying a central role within our business, we are delighted that George White from Inteb now provides us ESG support. We can’t wait to see what’s possible with him on board.

If you have any questions about Tandem’s ESG programme you can get in touch with Debbie via the button below.

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