meet the team

Zoe Lloyd BA (Hons)

Destination Marketing Manager 

Zoe joined Tandem to focus on destination marketing as a core client service.  Tandem are dedicated to providing quality customer service and engagement through a wide range of marketing strategies including events, promotions, social media profile and newsletters.  She will work on key projects including  River Walk for Clearbell, Lamb’s Conduit Street and Barking Riverside and will be promoting more community engagement and raising Tandem’s social media profile.


Zoe is an enthusiastic and driven Events and Marketing Manager with a background in prime London real estate and luxury events. 

For St Martin she’s been involved in the London Bridge Estate which includes More London and Hayes Galleria.  She has excellent administrative skills and extensive experience in organising press launches, brand events, street markets and festivals and forums for occupiers and retailers.  


Clearbell Capital, Rugby Schools Estate and Barking Riverside