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We've Become an Experience Makers Partner

Experience Makers is a community for people who bring life & soul to property. They bring together developers, designers, service providers, asset managers, proptech innovators, property managers, event managers, corporate occupiers and a myriad of creative people, supplying everything from funky furniture and stunning public art, to site hoardings and building tech portals.

At Tandem we understand the importance of creating an experience. As consumers we are part of a more experiential phase where we are interested in spending our money on experiences rather than objects. Choosing where to visit, shop, work and live is also dependant on how a place makes us feel.

Joint Senior Partners at Tandem, Lisa Riva and John Jones, answered questions on what experience making means to them.

What role does experience making have to play in the property industry?

It helps bring together sometimes conflicting uses in a mixed environment and gives a focus for community in its widest sense. It also helps to smooth out the rough edges between owner and occupiers to recognise that service quality and responsiveness makes a difference.

What is your favourite experience you have been part of making?

The 2012 Olympics in London was a fantastic experience to be involved in. At the time we oversaw the property management of St Katherine’s Dock which was used as the base for the Danish delegation. Not only was it an exciting challenge to manage the commercial, retail and residential parts of the development, but with the additional leisure tourism, a number of exhibitions and place-making events, the location became a real hive of mixed activity.

Additionally, we also managed 3 Mills Studio while owned by the London Development. There were many operational issues and changes needed as a result of increasing capacity and high-profile TV show productions. The other commercial units were being used at the same time, so it was a memorable experience and great to support local London businesses during this wonderful and international event.

What’s the best experience you have experienced and why?

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a fantastic event that I would recommend everyone to experience. Edinburgh is a great city and this spectacular festival has everything you could possibly need at every moment of the day. It’s an opportunity to see new theatre and dance performers, listen to new musicians, laugh at new comedians, and eat and drink to your heart’s content. Then if the liveliness gets too much, you can escape to the seaside at a beautiful beach less than an hour away.

What is the future of experience making?

Using assets to their maximum potential and identifying their multiple purposes is key to creating new experiences. Looking at social purpose, community and well-being, as they are becoming increasingly more prevalent in society. Experience making will expand to include not for profit experiences and offer something unique, not only for the creative and professional industries, but the public as well. By investigating what environments can be explored and revolutionised, we can push the boundaries on a new way of thinking.

What we can expect by joining Experience Makers?

With Tandem becoming a national business and as we grow our team, it’s important that we work with like-minded individuals who share our business ethics and values. Experience Makers offers us the opportunity to connect with other business who see a different view point on the traditional or expected and want to challenge and disrupt outdated thinking. We hope to translate these ideas and concepts in to deliverable outputs, smart initiatives and real social values.