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Tandem Becomes National!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Jo Salmon, Head of Asset Management at The Custard Factory, with Tandem Associate Partners Andy Millington and Sarah Holmes

We’re very excited to announce the opening of our new office in Birmingham located in the very trendy Custard Factory in Digbeth.

Digbeth has been through a huge over haul, from the once gritty, to now a developing and bohemian district in Birmingham. Famous for its street food markets, and creative events and workshops, appealing to young bright things, and us!

Located on the site of what was Bird’s Custard Factory, it is now home to a bustling working community of creative and digital businesses in shared work space. With independent shops, salons, bars and cafes, it is the perfect place for our new Birmingham office.

Senior Partner John Jones says “In many respects the Digbeth area of Birmingham, which will see rapid change and regeneration, is precisely the mix of workspace, living and leisure that is increasingly attractive to occupiers. It presents a great opportunity to attract smart, vibrant and highly motivated people, which is why we are very excited about bringing our team to the Custard Factory.

Jo Salmon, Head of Asset Management at the Digbeth Estate adds “We’re really happy that Tandem Property chose the Custard Factory for their first office outside London. Based in Digbeth they will rub shoulders with an eclectic mix of heritage, innovation, art and technology businesses. Collaboration and sharing ideas are the crux of what makes Digbeth such an inspiring and innovative place; we’re looking forward to welcoming the team to the family.”

We can also reveal our Leeds office is officially open too, located within a co-working space with The Office Group. 'One Aire Street' is a 1930's building in the heart of Leeds with original art deco features and beautiful views of the city.

All our office locations and contact details can be found below


A   27 Bream's Buildings, London EC4A 1DZ


T +44 20 3942 7999


A   Studio 209, Scott House, The Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham B9 4AA


T +44 20 3942 7999


A   1 Aire Street, Leeds, LS1 4PR


T +44 20 3942 7999