• Tandem

Tandem Appoints Strategic ESG Adviser

Hillbreak will work with the Property Asset Management Company to expand its ESG credentials

Tandem has appointed the renowned responsible property investment consultancy, Hillbreak, to enhance its ESG strategy and corporate purpose. Tandem recognises the need to stay updated with market intelligence on the growing demands from property owners and occupiers for Environmental, Social and related Corporate Governance (ESG) factors to be integral to asset and property management services.

Hillbreak’s role will be to support the growth ambitions of our business by accelerating the development of a model for sustainable property management. Hillbreak will work with Tandem to identify new trends and support them with the implementation of measures to deliver positive outcomes for our clients, their stakeholders and wider society.

Lisa Riva, Senior Partner at Tandem says “Hillbreak have the expertise, enthusiasm and passion for environmental and social matters that are equally important to Tandem. With their support and advice, we intend to refine our business strategy to ensure that environmental, social and governance factors are firmly embedded into the purpose and day-to-day functions of our business so that our clients benefit from better asset performance.”

Jon Lovell, Co-Founder & Director at Hillbreak says, “The market is screaming for Managing Agents to better reflect environmental and social imperatives into their services in order to support the investment performance of their assets. There’s a real opportunity for innovative firms to step into the void and we look forward to advising Tandem on its endeavour to be a leader in this space.”

Hillbreak will become one of Tandem’s key advisers, joining other specialist enterprises that specialise in either facilities management, retail advisory or prop tech.