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Ready to Occupy Strategy - April 2020

As we continue to deal with the impact on the management of property assets, the welfare of our employees and supply partners, risk management and compliance remain our priority. We are therefore continuing to regularly review our approach to building management with our partners Envirotech FM to ensure we provide the most appropriate level of service in each case.

We are using all reasonable endeavours to complete a weekly inspection of multi-let managed buildings focusing on fabric, common areas, systems and services, particularly, HVAC, Water, Fire and Power. At the same time we are also implementing service charge savings wherever we can to help support occupiers and our clients. We are now turning attention to our Ready to Occupy strategy in anticipation of a phased exit from the current lockdown. Our focus will be on Hygiene, Water Quality, Electrical Safety, Pest Control and Fire Protection.

We have prepared a standard approach, which will ensure a building is fit and ready for occupation and costs should be covered by the current service charge budget.

The basis of this approach is set out below.

Verification Area


1. Hygiene

Common area:-

Part 1 – Hard surface clean to remove contaminants

Part 2 - Electro-static spraying, minimum 50 M2

Part 3 - Leave sanitisers bottle and wipes if a manned reception.

Carried out by suitably trained operatives


2. Water Samples

- Take up to 4 COLD water samples from designated drinking point outlets, to check bacteria levels comply

On sites UKAS 2234 Test E. Coli Coliforms & TVC

- Take up to 6 water samples from sentinel and representative hot and cold outlets (3+3) to check bacteria levels comply

- On sites BS 6068-4.12:1998 Legionella


3. Thermal Image Check

Electrical Thermal Image Check

As the building has not had any regular load each Electrical Distribution Board will be photographed using a Thermal Imaging Area to identify any points of concern.

· Up to 10 Boards

In accordance with

· BS 7671:2018+A3: 2018. Requirements for Electrical Installations. IET Wiring Regulations.

· SFG 20 44-16 Thermal Imaging of Electrical Systems (under 1000 Vac)

· Conducted by a Qualified Electrician


4. Pest Control Check

Inspect any current Pest activity infestation

One off visit pest control company accredited to British Pest Control Association

Work in accordance with

BS EN 16636:2015 - Pest management services. Requirements and competences

· Conducted by an Authorised Pest Control Technician


5. Fire & Lifts

Fire Safe Systems to confirm fully operational and carry out an annual test.

In accordance with

· BS 5839 Part 1 Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings. Code of practice for the system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems in non domestic premises: 2013

· SFG 20 22-01 Fire Alarm System

· Carried out by a suitably trained fire alarm technician

Lifts to test that operational due to low usage.

Carried out in accordance with

· BS EN 13015:2001+A1:2008 Maintenance for lifts and escalators. Rules for maintenance instructions

· SFG 20 82-03 Hydraulic Lifts Schedule

· SFG 20 82-05 Traction Lifts

· Conducted by a qualified lift engineer