• Tandem

Keeping Motivated!

Tandem have always put their staff welfare first and never has this been more important when our national team are busy working at home during these unprecedented times.

Thanks to technology we can ensure everyone in the business stays connected, with full access to emails and server files, as well as essential property management and accounting software.

If you, like most of us, are missing the social aspect of a work environment, we've introduced some steps to help get us through the tedious times and support one another in the best way we can.

Our daily digital coffee morning chats are proving very popular to ensure social interaction between the whole team continues to be strong.

For mental and physical well-being, we have set up weekly virtual yoga classes to take place. The class focusses on mindfullness as well as improving muscle strength and flexibility.

Then to add a fun challenge to the mix, our first ever virtual pub quiz will be happening this week.

As we continue to stay safe by staying indoors, if you can't go to the pub, bring it to you instead! BYOB of course.