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Insights - A View From Associate Partner - Andy Millington

As a smaller business, we don’t have to report on Corporate Governance in the way that large, listed companies do. However, we want to hold ourselves to those same high standards. I recently attended training on Essential Corporate Governance. Run by The Chartered Governance Institute, the course covered topics such as the current profile of UK Corporate Governance, how the Board’s role is evolving in 2021, and Directors duties.

Identifying our ESG commitments is an integral part of Tandem’s philosophy. We're collectively working together as a business to fulfil our ESG policy goals for 2021. From using green energy across our managed portfolio, to achieving Net Zero.

Last year we published our gender pay gap report, something we were not legally obliged to do. We also became an accredited Living Wage employer, where we only work with contractors and suppliers who pay the Living Wage to their employees.

We’re building a progressive business and we will be publishing more in relation to our Corporate Governance in the future.