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Insights - A View From Associate Partner - Sarah Holmes

More than ever the Finance team here at Tandem has been at the forefront of our client service, finding solutions and delivering reports. Our dedicated Credit Control team has been leading many of the difficult tenant discussions around the March and June rent payments, concession requests while updating our clients sometime several times a day. This work is a key stage in the end to end service and underpins cash flow forecasting and the full accounting reports. The team’s skill and experience means we can offer a comprehensive range of reports, including Management Accounts, SVP/PropCo accounting for P&L and Balance Sheet, Loan Management and Fund Consolidation, VAT Services, Cash Planning and Forecasting, CapEx Management and specific reports tailored to meet one off requirements. Our aim is always to collate the client’s data in a single source with a standard format giving the client a portfolio wide view of asset performance. This high quality of financial support helps our client meet complex challenges as a result of reduced rental income, increases in void rates, high levels of scrutiny from lenders and key strategic decisions needed at this time.

We have a dedicated Property Finance team to prepare management and financial reports as a specialist service for our property investor clients. The team of qualified accountants provide full property management accounts and lenders’ debt reporting. The transaction data created from the core lease information held on the QUBE database is used to develop the finance reports and analysis required. This end to end

reporting is robust and efficient.

This approach and service:

• reduces the duplication of transactions by client accounting teams

• saves time, resources and system management

• takes advantage of the property managers knowledge

• provides detailed financial intelligence to support asset strategy

All members of the Property Finance team have specific client responsibility to build and

develop a detailed understanding of reporting requirements, timing and key deadlines. The team aims to become close partners and an extension of the client’s own accounts team. We aim to make the Tandem Property Finance team integral to the clients investment strategy.

Banking reports

We focus on critical reporting, accurately and on time. We prepare the current banking reports:

• Transaction analysis for the test quarter

• Cash flow forecast, 12 months ahead to show rental income in context of any loan agreement

• Cash flow forecast 12 months ahead for operational and capital costs

• Calculated interest cover and debt cover ratios and comparisons to facility agreement requirements

• Tenancy schedules detailing event diary dates

Property finance accounting

We provide monthly or quarterly management accounts to UK GAAP/FRS102 standards

and to meet specific reporting timetables. Our property finance reports include:

• Profit and loss account

• Balance sheet

• Trial balance

• General ledger to support above

• Rent analysis

• Stacking plans

• Operational expense analysis

• Debtor reporting

• Creditor reporting

• Budget/variance analysis