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A View From Partner Julia Pumphrey

As part of our continued commitment to green energy we have been building our knowledge and understanding of renewable energy sources. But what exactly is renewable or green energy? Essentially it is something that won't release carbon into the atmosphere and will not run out. By switching to renewable energy for managed properties, we have taken another positive step as part of our ESG commitment.

The initiative will help reduce the carbon footprint and build our green credentials. At the same time Green Power can also deliver a financial benefit, with a focus on green tariffs, which compare favourably against conventional variable rate tariffs.

Our objective for 2020 was for all managed properties to be supplied with 100% REGO certified green electricity and the team all committed to this target as part of our business plan. We are therefore delighted that we have managed to achieve our target for all buildings where we control the procurement of electricity supplies, as part of an open and transparent procurement process for our clients.

Now it’s important that we continue to promote the advantages of renewable energy, and positively engage our clients and occupiers as the ultimate customer.