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Insights - A View From Associate Partner - Andy Millington

As part of our growing advisory work for key clients we are working or a number of student accommodation schemes which had been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the start of the current academic year the position of these alternative assets has been unpredictable to say the least. The uncertainty around University course start dates, online or in person courses, and travel difficulties for international students has meant that lease starts have been constantly pushed back, and in some cases deferred until the new academic year. At the same time rent concessions have been given to students returning home early as a result of the lockdown.

We have been in almost daily contact with the property managers assessing the ever changing income profile and subsequent impact on cash flow, assessing building improvement projects to provide our client with the full range of financial information needed to measure debt servicing commitments. This is another example of the value of the core financial data, regular reviews of projected income and cash flow reporting. Our team has all the skills needed to meet the increasing and ever changing client requirements.