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Insights - A View From Associate Partner - Adam Hall

As a result of Covid there will certainly be a shift away from permanent office work to a more balanced split of time between home working & the office. The question is therefore how to prepare multi let workspace within building assets for this change to ensure they are relevant, suitable and what the customer wants?

All buildings will need to be ‘Covid secure’ and here at Tandem we have worked closely with our FM partners, Envirotech, to ensure that our buildings are ready for occupiers to return at any time.

But in the longer term what else is going to be needed from landlords to ensure that their assets are ready for the changing expectations of their occupiers? The buildings and space which will stand out from the crowd will offer more than just a work environment. A greater focus on health and wellbeing and work-life balance will certainly see a major shift in customer requirements.

We have recently undertaken an occupier survey for a business park to engage with the occupiers and understand their changing expectations for a post-pandemic workplace. The results will help to prepare a longer-term strategy for a program of health & wellbeing initiatives, driving greater occupier satisfaction, supporting occupier retention, as well as enhancing the appeal to new occupiers.