• Tandem

Growing The Tandem Team

As an Independent Real Estate Advisor focused on Property Asset Management, the last few months have put our business and our teams right at the forefront of the most significant change in our markets for a generation.

Our clients and their customers have needed our experience and dedicated resources to tackle a whole new range of property management issues around compliance and finances, as well as the core added value services. With our unique experience and a fast moving and adaptable group of professionals, we have been able to respond quickly and effectively to the major changes we have seen.

Our Senior Partners John Jones and Lisa Riva are client facing, hands on, and have direct management control over key decisions. Together with exceptional shareholder support, this means Tandem has been able to take on a range of new advisory work where others have stumbled through over blown process, failing IT, and high overheads.

We pride ourselves on strong values of integrity, diversity and adaptability. We are always resourceful and are therefore delighted to have been able to bring three new Property Managers in to the team this month.

In London, Lee Spencer joins us to focus on core London office properties, and Honor Dunning joins us to work on the Shepherd's Bush Market management role, as well as a range of other asset management initiatives. In the North East, Anna Greenwood joins Associate Adam Hall to focus on the growing portfolio of new fund acquisitions for M7 Real Estate. We are so pleased to welcome Lee, Honor and Anna, they are smart and ambitious and have worked really hard to stay in the market during such a difficult time for many property professionals.