• Kate Regan

Envirotech FM Appointed as Facilities Management Partner

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

John Jones and Lisa Riva with Managing Director of Envirotech FM Pinder Hujan

Our industry is faced with the challenges that managing assets is becoming more complex not only with building design, sustainability objectives, changes in legislation but also with shortening lease lengths and a growing culture of flexible working. All putting pressure on physical and financial resources. Add to this the effects of digitalisation or also known as the 4th industrial revolution permeating throughout every industrial sector and society in general.

We at Tandem embrace these challenges and have turned them into industry-leading delivery and service offering. We believe we have an important role to play in this environment and one which we are committed to delivering innovative digitalised, ethical and sustainable solutions. We know to achieve this we must partner and collaborate with specialists to deliver the best service but also enable our surveyors and accountants to be their best in their chosen fields of expertise.

Therefore, Tandem Property Asset Management we have formed a collaborative partnership with Envirotech Facilities Management Limited to deliver best in class facilities management

Envirotech FM employs all the site-based staff on behalf of Tandem providing the highest quality environment of training, learning, development, management and the ‘tool kit’ which is bespoke to the Facilities Managers.

They use digital systems that are cutting edge, open source and integrated forming a powerful ERP system initially comprising of CAFM and Accountancy packages, IoT real-time Occupancy data feeds on which they hold and manage all building asset information and operate a 24 / 7 helpdesk form their head office in the UK.

With Envirotech FM we have developed an inspection APP which enables the team to undertake large volume inspections nationally, efficiently in a set format looking at building condition, changes in occupancy and the adjoining area. Our partners, like us, are passionate about what they do and how they do it – delivering and exemplary service with talented people who have honesty and integrity at the heart of all decisions.

Envirotech Group MD, Pinder Hujan has been instrumental in putting the partnership together with Tandem. “The whole Envirotech Group are thrilled to be working with Tandem and to be part of their exciting plans to grow as an independent, national Property Asset Manager with such a fresh innovative approach, genuinely focused on clients and customer experience."