• Tandem

Adopting New Technology with Delta eSourcing

As part of the continued strategy of embedding tech in our business, we are adopting Delta as our platform to e-procure our maintenance and service suppliers, providing a full audit trail and complete transparency in all tenders.

Delta eSourcing is a cutting edge, web-based service which enables us to efficiently manage tenders, suppliers and contracts in a single solution.

Delta will enable us to drive best value and maximise opportunities for all supply chain partners to engage in fair competition.

The fully managed and supported service is based on the core principles of community building, collaboration, transparency for the enablement of supply chains, commissioning, needs analysis and the management of competitive tender exercises.

The Tender Manager module will also enable us to reduce administrative hurdles in procurement, while providing a full audit trail and complete transparency for all tenders, mini competitions, quotes and supplier communication for all value contracts. Delta’s online Contract Manager will allow us to centralise procurement records and keep track of key contract milestones.

Tandem’s Joint Senior Partner Lisa Riva says

“Introducing Delta and their innovative prop tech system allows us to offer the best property asset management service. By using smart technology to assist our team, we can deliver a transparent efficient service that makes a different to our clients and customers. This approach reinforces our commitment to the new RICS Service Code provisions.”