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Day 4! Insights 🔎 - A View From...

Senior Partner John Jones

THURSDAY - Back at Shepherd’s Bush Market today to inspect some of the vacant units which can be made available for short term lettings, temporary uses, and ‘pop up’ traders. Coming out of lockdown will give us a chance to meet more of the current traders and see how quickly customers start to return to the Market. We are working with a specialist designer with fit out experience to prepare the units for use as quickly as possible. We are keen to see new independent traders with new ideas and uses, and local businesses that can add to the mix and diversity which give the Market vibrancy and interest.

It has been encouraging to see the fresh food, veg, meat and fish stores as well as the convenience stores doing well in lockdown, and the take away outlets looking busier all the time. As part of the day to day role we are introducing new policies for sustainability with a new Waste Strategy and energy saving, particularly looking at external lighting.

We have also started to introduce some simple and cost effective public realm improvements as well as more amenities, and we are developing strong local connections with the Police, Trading Standards and Environmental Health teams as well as local community groups.

As a property asset the Market has all the aspects of a High Street and all the challenges being faced in many other towns across the UK. The key advantage is that YOO Capital have a consolidated ownership and therefore working with traders and the Local Authority, they can invest and instigate positive change.