• Tandem

Building Closures - May 2020

As we continue to deal with the business impacts during these difficult times, we continue to reassure all our clients and customers of continued service with a focus on our absolute priorities - the welfare of our employees and supply partners, risk management and building compliance. We are therefore constantly reviewing our approach to building management, compliance and maintenance with our partners Envirotech FM to ensure we provide the most appropriate level of service in each case.

Our objective, set out in our last update, was to ensure that all buildings and services are protected and maintained in compliant working order, ready for occupation at any time. We are continuing to review government guidance and we have implemented reasonable and practicable measures for increasing building usage and occupation, consisting of:

1. Additional one off services (where applicable):

a. Water sampling

b. Electrical checks

c. Disinfecting common parts

d. Review of fire safe systems and lifts

e. Check on pest control

2. Additional practical measures on site including:

a. Enhanced cleaning of common parts and ‘high touch’ surfaces

b. Social distancing signage will be placed in common parts

c. Hand sanitiser stations will be situated throughout common parts

d. Any hand dryers in the common part WCs will be turned off and paper towels provided.

e. Any reception seating areas will be closed off or taken out of use

f. Where there are reception staff at the property, we will ask them to complete the signing in facility for visitors and guest.

We will continue to review these measures based on further guidance from government and industry bodies. To help our planning, we ask that all occupiers contact the Tandem’s Customer Service Desk on 020 3942 7997 to confirm the following:

• Their planned reoccupation strategy and timing

• Measures they will be putting in place to ensure social distancing within their demise

Our teams continue to manage each site and building and keep our customers informed. Communication will be supported by the Customer Service Desk with additional updates on our website

PLEASE NOTE Correspondence and formal notifications may not be delivered to our offices at this time. Please ensure these are directed to the email address which will be reviewed daily and redirected to the appropriate member of the team and escalated where necessary to one of our Partners. We very much hope that all of clients and customers, partners and friends remain well and safe and we look forward to seeing you all again as soon as we can. Yours sincerely Lisa Riva & John Jones Tandem Senior Partners - 07889 466 753 - 07809 125 415