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Building Closures - March 2020

As we continue to deal with the business impacts during these difficult times, we continue to reassure all our clients of continued service with a focus on our absolute priorities the welfare of our employees and supply partners, risk management and building compliance. We are therefore constantly reviewing our approach to building management, compliance and maintenance with our partners Envirotech FM to ensure we provide the most appropriate level of service in each case.

We will use reasonable endeavours to complete weekly inspections of all multi-let managed buildings focusing on fabric, common areas, systems and services, particularly, HVAC, Water, Fire and Power. We will not inspect demised areas unless specifically requested to do so and by formal arrangement. Where necessary our FM and supplier staff have been designated as Key Workers and provided with suitable supporting paperwork.

Our objective is to ensure that all buildings and services are protected and maintained in compliant working order ready for occupation at any time. We do not consider it appropriate to ‘mothball’ buildings as the cost and time to bring them back online may be more prohibitive. We will scale back services where we can, to save costs, but we will maintain a ‘ready to occupy’ status and therefore all service charges will still be due at budgeted levels. Any costs savings we can achieve will be reflected in year end accounts and year end balancing charges/credits.

As part of our approach we will maintain supplier agreements at an appropriate level, retain staff wherever required and support suppliers looking for support from Government and Local Authority fiscal plans. Our teams will continue to manage each site and building and keep tenants informed. Communication will be supported by the Customer Service Desk with additional updates on our website.


Correspondence and formal notifications may not be delivered to our offices at this time. Please ensure these are directed to the email address which will be reviewed daily and redirected to the appropriate member of the team and escalated where necessary to one of our Partners.

We very much hope that all of clients and customers, partners and friends remain well and safe and we look forward to seeing you all again as soon as we can.

Yours sincerely

Lisa Riva & John Jones

Tandem Senior Partners - 07889 466 753 - 07809 125 415