about us

expertise that cuts
through any complexities

Property management is one of the most regulated real estate service lines and responds to the broadest set of legislation in property.


Tandem Property Asset Management provides expertise that cuts through the complexities that can arise. Designed for investors of property where larger firms cannot be as agile and smaller teams cannot provide the level of service and experience required. 


We are London’s first streamlined property management service that, with our expertise, ensures the core basics are done well and that your property is working as an asset, not a liability.

driving building performance
through customer satisfaction

Our excellent levels of customer service and expertise redefines the delivery of management services to ensure that equal emphasis is placed on the dual needs of the owner and occupier.


We offer discerning investors a unique service which delivers customer retention and loyalty, driving building performance through customer satisfaction.

Cost-effective solutions with no mark-ups or hidden fees

A simpler, transparent set of services means we focus on what matters to clients and customers, and offer a cost-effective solution with no mark ups or hidden fees.


We would be delighted to discuss with you how me may work together to achieve this for you.